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The potential for Down-lights to add gloss and useful illumination is matched only by the inherent dangers of over provision, or failing to specify the right type of light for the location. 

These days a modern domestic kitchen, is more than a food workshop.  It's the household hub, hosting a variety of social cameos from shared meals, snatching a coffee on the run, chilling out with friends or enjoying a solitary glass of wine. No other domestic zone is worked so hard, for so long every day. Additionally, the kitchen is often the family's shop window, subtly conveying the tone and aspirations of that home's occupants.

Working in concert with other light sources in the kitchen, a down-light can be colour controlled, dimmed and switched as part of a designed array that instantly creates the desired ambience. Over work surfaces, kitchen down-lights must be carefully positioned to prevent casting annoying shadows. 


Lighting, down lighting and detail lighting, are key elements to enabling a kitchen's adaptability. At the flick of a switch, moods can be changed, work areas efficiently lit and multimedia support powered up. Unlike yesteryear's incandescent down-lights, LED units run cooler, so no more; "If the heat's too great in the kitchen, better get out"!

Hale Directionable Flush Ceiling Light in Matt Aluminium - ID 7423
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