Foscarini Nuée media - ID 8864
Foscarini Nuée media - ID 8864
Foscarini Nuée media - ID 8864

Foscarini Nuée media - ID 8864

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Nuée generates a contrast between spontaneity and coordination in a lamp whose physiognomy cannot be grasped, but simply contemplated.

Nuée is a lamp of theatrical presence made by overlapping a three-dimensional technical fabric. The thread can be modelled creating a game of light-dark superimposition which light crosses in an evocative way.

Two illuminations. One is released inside the cloud, creating a soft, warm and welcoming light. The other directs the light downward.

“A big, floating cloud of light.
The evanescent matter that forms Nuée
– with its alternation of pale and dark, transparent and opaque – suggests the choreographic movement of flocks of birds, sweeping across the sky in incredible abstract patterns. Nuée too seems to always be in motion, with different planes that overlap when we shift our vantage point.” - Marc Sadler

Length: 70cm

Width: 50cm

Height: 50cm

Technical fabric and painted metal.

LED 33W* 3000 K 2920 lm* CRI>90 Energy class A+
*To be confirmed

IP 20

Colour: white.


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