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Brushed Steal Table Lamp With Colour Change Acrylic Columns - ID 8065

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This modern table light is made from brushed steel and features five built-in 0.6 Watt LED lamps which illuminate the five bubbled acrylic glasses. 

The supplied remote control gives the option of letting the lamp shine in genuine warm white (3,000 Kelvin) or in a colour selected from more than 16 million hues. 

you can control individual luminaires and luminaire groups (up to 20 individual luminaires or Q® bulbs from max. 3 groups), changing their brightness and colour and saving the results. Create an atmosphere that totally reflects your personal well-being. All Q® luminaires can also be integrated with existing Smart Home systems based on the ZigBee wireless standard. Connect a ZigBee-compatible bridge by a third party supplier to control your luminaires using your smartphone.

Max Height: 14.5cm

Width: 10cm

Length: 46cm