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  • Tala 2W Pygmy LED
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Tala 2W Pygmy LED

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For every 200 units sold, Tala plant 10 trees. Your business with Tala helps The Heart of England Forest to build and protect a vast new unbroken forest in the middle of England.

This lamp features the latest energy-saving LED technology.

Dimmable using a trailing edge dimmer switch.

This modest shape is designed for delivering beautiful warm light to discrete fixtures and challenging form factors. This style can offer a fun alternative to the classic candelabra shape. The Pygmy light is retrofittable into a variety existing and modern fittings. Retaining the custom warm tinted glass and high colour rendering; this bulb is a versatile essential. 

110 - 240V
2  Watt
CRI > 95
Dimmable with Trailing Edge dimmers
120 Lumens
Mercury Free 
60 Lumens / Watt
Warm Tinted: 2200K
Switch Cycles: 30,000
Watt Replacement: 12W
Dimensions: 28x 65 mm
Average Lifespan: 30,000 hours

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