Collection: Wall Lights

You may be considering the use of wall lights within your home to provide a key feature, enhance a style within a living space or simply to help you read your favourite book. The beauty of wall lights is that some serve functional needs such as illuminating dark areas of a room whilst others are used for decoration to emphasise your chosen home decor.  Wall lights can add that flawless finishing touch to a room; whether you choose to redesign your bathroom, redecorate your kitchen or your living room you can completely change the atmosphere and look of your home through the use of wall lights.

Here at The Lighting Centre, we offer wall lights for every room and occasion. From picture lights, mounted spotlights, recesseduplighter and swing arm wall lights, whichever type of light you wish to use we are bound to have the right one for you. Don’t forgot when considering wall lights to bear in mind your current or future decor and any additional supplies you may need to support the function of your wall lights.


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