Offset Earth

The Lighting Centre is working towards becoming a carbon positive company and is committed to sustainability in business. Since 2019 we have worked with Ecologi, a company setup to help businesses meet their climate targets and also fund global projects that help to tackle the climate crisis. So far we have offset 109 tonnes of CO2 and planted over 1400 trees.

These projects either remove greenhouse gases (e.g. growing trees) or prevent them from entering the atmosphere in the first place (e.g. provide renewable energy to reduce fossil fuel power demand).

Our ECO Goals

We have removed all incandescent and halogen technology from our displays. All of the light fittings in our showroom now use LED technology, the most energy efficient lighting available.

All of the packaging we use to despatch online orders is re-used from orders received in an attempt to minimise waste and the production of unnecessary packaging.

All packaging that we cannot reuse and that can be recycled is recycled.

We are putting pressure on our suppliers to make their product packaging as sustainable as possible by minimising the use of plastic and maximising the use of recycled cardboard.

In summary, we believe that if there are reductions that can be made to our carbon footprint, there is nothing more immediate and direct than making that action.