Here we will try to answer some of our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see your question listed below, why not give us a call or send us an email?

Q: Do your products work with LEDS?
A: Most of the lights we sell will either be integral LED or can work with retro-fitted LED lamps. Having said that there are some products where LED lamps cannot be used, for instance some fluorescent and 12volt halogen systems.

Q: What is a retro-fit LED?
A: A retro-fit LED is an LED lamp (light bulb) which is designed to fit into a normal light fitting. It will have a standard cap eg E27 (ES/edison screw) or E14 (SES/ small edison screw) or B22 (BC/bayonet cap) etc. The new retro-fit LED lamps that we sell look just light the old incandescent lamps of days gone by and they start instantly so you can barely tell that they are LED! The colour temperature and lumen output are also very similar to that of incandescent lamps.

Q: What is integral LED?
A: Integral LED is a system where the light source is an integral part of the light fitting. The light fitting and the light source are one.

Q: What is colour temperature?
A: Colour temperature is measured in degrees kelvin and is measurement of the colour of light emitted by a light source. The colour temperature that people are usually most used to is 2700-3000K produced by traditional incandescent lamps. This is often referred to as warm white. 4000k is often described as cool white and then 6000k as daylight. In a domestic setting 2700-3000k is the most popular choice.

Q: What is lumen output?
A: Lumen output is the measurement of a lamps brightness. In the past you would have used a lamps wattage to tell you how bright it was going to be. This was actually a very inaccurate method of determining brightness and was only good for measuring how much electricity was being consumed.

Q: Can LED lighting be dimmed?
A: It depends on the specification of the product. Some LEDs are dimmable, some are not. Often when an LED product is dimmable a particular type of dimmer switch is required to control it.