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FLOS Ipnos Outdoor / Indoor Black Floor Lamp - ID 11824

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Designed by Rossi Bianchi in 2014.

Suitable for Outdoor & Indoor use.

Available in a choice of three colours. See below for the other finishes.

A glass shelf / top plate is available as a separate item and is not included.

By taking away no longer needed elements from the traditional lantern, we ended up with a simple metal box, supporting invisible light sources. A void that is filled by the surrounding space.

A floor lamp providing diffused light made from an extruded aluminium frame 10x10x1 gratiné and anodized in various finishes. LEDs on the top edges are incorporated in the extrusions and burnished into the resin, guaranteeing the IP level for exterior usage. An ON/OFF switch is located in the IP box containing the drivers.

Height: 70cm

Width: 35cm

Length: 35cm

1x 15watt Integrated LED


Weight: 0.8kg

ABOUT FLOS - For fifty years we have been crafting objects of light and shedding brightness on generations of dreams. For us, light is the substance for expressing new ideas and illuminating unexplored emotions. We write the future, reading our past and expressing the present, in a continuity of positive challenges and bold choices that have shaped our image and identity. Our history has taught us to fan the flames of provocation with research into new poetic notions of functionality. Trusting our intuition has always allowed us to create products that become icons, establishing new typologies and innovative archetypes. Connecting with masters of design. Discovering new talents. Commanding high technical and technological status. Staying tuned into mass culture. These qualities always place us at the cutting edge. Experimentation opens the way for us to use revolutionary materials - as in the past with Cocoon - and hi-tech solutions, today represented by OLEDs and eco-sustainable materials. By conceiving new languages around light, we chart new aesthetics and freedoms for living. Our lamps, of yesterday and today, never fail to be serious about their sense of play and irony. On the fine line that divides and unites art and design, craftsmanship and industry, the limited edition and larger scale manufacturing, an individual’s idea and the collective imagination. That’s our place. That’s where you’ll find us.

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