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FLOS Noctambule S4 Low Cylinders & Cone ID 11220

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Hanging lamps consisting of interconnecting glass modules reaching a length of 3,2 mt.
(126.77″) with 4 mt. (157.48″) suspended power cable.

Cylindrical and semi-spherical transparent blown glass structure, suspended die cast aluminium ring connector, hydroformed steel internal lateral arm and injection moulded optical opal silicone outer ring diffusers.

The power supply unit within the ceiling rose can be used as a dimmer to adjust the light intensity by 10% to 100% in either direction by means of the 0-10/1-10V, PUSH, DALI control.

5 x Strip Led 9W + 1 Cob Led 18W 2700K 1831lm CRI90