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  • Swarovski Strandelier Pendant in Pristine White
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Swarovski Strandelier Pendant in Pristine White

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---Limited Stock, Please Call For Availability. Please Note this item has at one point been on display in our showroom, but is in excellent condition.---

ABOUT STRANDELIER - Strandelier is made with only the materials essential to its construction, gravity creates its shape. Strandelier is a bold statement - Nothing is decorative on the Strandelier. Each individual crystal has pride of place, suspended along filigree-thin wires and reflecting the light hidden within variable-sized rings. The result is at once classic and futuristic: completely unlike any chandelier on the market.

ABOUT SWAROVSKI - Swarovski is a success story that has spread from Tyrol, Austria to across the world, thanks to its high-quality precision- cut crystal. Swarovski is resilient proof that crystal is not subject to any trends. New products, new cuts, and new techniques stem from a flair for forecasting designs and aesthetics of tomorrow. For this reason, Swarovski crystal has always been an essential component for top designers and legends of the stage and screen. From Marlene Dietrich to the modern runway, wherever entertainment and fashion history is written, you will find Swarovski sparkle.

260 × 0.8W 6500K Warm White LEDs

Body: 48cm / 67cm. 5kg

Max Drop: 247cm

This item is not suitable for use with a dimmer switch.