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FOSCARINI Wave Suspension Aluminium

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Designed by Studio Baruffi & De Santi for Foscarini.

This is not a hanging lamp or floating decorative element, it is not a lighting rail and yet it is all these put together and more. A new idea for illuminating and furnishing spaces, creative raw material that every designer can put together differently and in total freedom. Its sinuous shape gives an idea of flexibility and softness, even though it uses rigid material like extruded aluminium. This adds a strong sculptural and graphic value to an element that is usually seen as purely technical and devoid of personality.

Its ellipsoid outline, as well as contributing this sensation of sinuousness and elegance, contains the light and projects it through a fissure. The luminous effect produced underlines the graphic effect of Wave’s shape and can also be used as a light decoration. Thanks to its stylish peculiarity, Wave lends itself to the most innovative uses and

Suspension lamp with indirect up light. Liquid coated cold curved extruded aluminium diffuser. Two stainless steel suspension cables with glossy steel mechanical ceiling attachments and transparent electrical cable. Ceiling flange with galvanised metal bracket and glossy chromed batch-dyed ABS cover.

ABOUT FOSCARINI - An Italian company that makes its dreams come true. A technological and creative workshop that conceives, develops and produces not only lamps but pure emotions, in collaboration with many other designers from around the world. A company that is free, passionate, unconventional and right at the heart of the industry in which it thrives. This is Foscarini

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